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Back Ground Search

Exotic beaches are not hard to be found in Costa Rica. Explore Costa Rica and you will be convinced to pack your things and move here.
Another reason that we recommend an Attorney is for the property background search. A property background search is a process of researching an existing Title to a property. We HIGHLY recommend this process and 99.9% of all properties sold through this office undergo this procedure. In order to perform the title search, the Attorney, or Abogado, requires the property number called the Folio Real or Plano Catastro number and/or the name of the owner. The Public Registry maintains an accurate database of registered properties and the title search will verify the identity of the owner, property size, and location and whether the title is free and clear of any encumbrances, such as liens, mortgages or pending legal actions. Next, we move into the different Zones of property in Costa Rica.


Go fishing on the Costa Rican waters and you will come back with Marlin, Yellow fin tuna, Red Snappers, Sail fish etc. This is an experience you don't want to miss!
*Understand that it is possible in Costa Rica to have properties with certain terms, restrictions or limitations attached to them. It is very important that you fully understand all types of conditions for property in Costa Rica if you plan to invest here. Take your time and do your research prior to making any decisions. This section will give you the basics but never hesitate to contact us, or an attorney, with any questions that you may have. We are here to help, not to hurt.

Maritime Zone

At the end of the day, you sit on your terrace and enjoy the spectacular sunsets. Visit our Costa real estate listing page and you will find several beautiful properties for sale!
Most of the property that you will encounter in Costa Rica will be fully titled, clear of any financial or legal encumbrances, and ready to go. However, in Costa Rica, there exists a Zone referred to as the "Maritime Zone". This zone is also referred to the "First 200 meter" zone. A majority of the beach front and coastal land in Costa Rica is still owned by the government. Although, approximately only 5% of the beach front and coastal lands are "Fully Titled" (meaning you own the land free and clear, in perpetuity). But, you'll find, that most of the beach front land is, respectfully, in the Maritime Zone. The Government of Costa Rica has claimed that the first 50 meters from the high tide line is public land and never to be owned by anyone. If you find "Beach" land for sale or a structure on the Beach for sale... beware. It is not within the law to own (or sell) such property. Not to say that the structure doesn't exist...

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