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Nicoya Peninsula

Hotel Don Carlos - Entrance to the Gift Shop.
Then Nicoya Peninsula is quickly becoming the new tourism burst for Costa Rica. The extreme tourists have been uncovering the secret gems of Nicoya for approximately 15 yrs and now the path is well paved to these Pacific Coast wonders...well, not exactly "well" paved. The reality is that the level of tourism for the Nicoya peninsula is plagued by some of the most horrendous roads and bridges you've ever seen. In fact, in most instances, it is better to drive off of the road than on the road. Keep this in mind when choosing a vehicle at the rental agency (and don't forget the full coverage insurance, either). The government of Costa Rica has been promising to repair the roads in Nicoya since the first path was cleared with a machete...but there has been little evidence of that in the past. However, there are more recent signs of improvement and they seem to be at the hands of the new presidential party who claim to be making great strides in Nicoya's infrastructure... and believe that every tourist, citizen, strut and tire are praying for their delivery.
Corn in the Kettle.
This recently discovered territory is home to some of the most diverse conditions found in Costa Rica. Some of Central America's most pristine beaches are found around the peninsula as well as world renown surfing spots all along the Pacific seaboard. The rough, mountainous coastline gives home to many private coves and bays which create calm waters and low wakes similar to a Caribbean feel. Nicoya is extremely lush in areas while other parts are filled with cacti. It is difficult to believe the diversity here. The mountains, meadows, marshes and lowland areas are consistent with the central valley and the wildlife is so abundant that if you put one more monkey in a tree in Tambor one would fall out in Montezuma. Nicoya and Costa Rica is just one of those places that you find that is so spectacular that a 12 point font just can't express it. Enjoy Nicoya! Take pictures! Take it slow! Drive Slow! And remember, this is the Simple life executed to perfection...take ten deep breaths and enjoy it.


Casino Tropical, Hotel Bar & Grill.
When the ferry from Puntarenas finally reaches its destination across the channel, it is the friendly town of Paquera that is first to welcome you. Strategically, Paquera is a wise destination to recognize for travelers meandering through the country and investors alike. Reasons being, Paquera has one of the only two gas stations in the southern Nicoya peninsula. If you're traveling from Puntarenas with your vehicle you may want to top of your tank while in Paquera. You never know where your adventures may take you and worrying about running out of gas shouldn't be another issue on your plate.
Typical piggy banks.
Paquera is, by all accounts, a standard little town in Costa Rica. The streets are littered with small restaurants and soda shops and the town carries all of your basic needs. Most everyday items can be found in the "Ferreteria" or Hardware store. Day to day life in Costa Rica is very simple and Paquera exemplifies that very statement. You won't find any traffic lights, garbage trucks or sirens. You may find yourself waiting for the Ox cart to pass on your way through town but that would be about it. Unless you intentionally make a stop, it is possible that you will miss Paquera with a blink of an eye,

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