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Hotel Capitan Suizo restaurant in Tamarindo.
still produces all the parrots and animals for your gazing pleasure, including the famed Howler Monkey.

Santa Teresa

Banco Nacional de Costa Rica in San Jose.
Santa Teresa could be defined as the downtown of Mal Pais because both towns share the same road. When you enter Mal Pais and Santa Teresa there is an intersection which indicates the borders from one city to the next. Most visitors can't distinguish between Mal Pais and Santa Teresa but an easy rule of thumb is if it's "Left" it's Mal Pais and if it's "Right", it's Santa Teresa. Santa Teresa has a very eclectic populous ranging from different areas of Europe, Africa, Israel, South America and the United States.
There is a great assortment of restaurants and cafès in Santa Teresa. Some are located along the beach while others take advantage of the mountainous coastlines, giving some of the finest views of the white sand beaches below. Some would argue that the surf in Santa Teresa is better than that found in Mal Pais but the two cities share the same coastline. There are several surf and board shops in Santa Teresa and surfing being the top priority, you'll find many opportunities for lessons to learn this great sport if you're new or just get some tips to polish your skills if you're more advanced.

Barva de Heredia Church and park.
Also, the nightlife in Mal Pais/Santa Teresa is probably one of the most active on the peninsula. There are tons of things to do on nearly every night of the week and most parties will include bon fires on the beach and music until dawn. Many celebrities frequent Santa Teresa to let loose and enjoy their anonymity but a few are being caught and these instances of fame are really putting Santa Teresa on the map. There is no bank in Santa Teresa yet but there is an ATM that you can use (assuming it's working) for quite a hefty fee...but what choice do you have, really? Overall, Santa Teresa may seem like a difficult little paradise to reach but once you've found it, you'll probably put it on your favorites list.

Arenal Restaurant Lava Rocks.
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