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Hotel El Rodeo west wing.
Montezuma is a really unique little ocean-side town. From its remoteness and small size spurts this great, little, artsy, Bohemian-type village. Somehow, as if magically, the essence of the Caribbean finds its way to Montezuma, too. There are a great many local shops to buy some really original trinkets, clothes and gifts. Too, many locals come to Montezuma for the vast choices in restaurants and clubs. Many types of cuisines are offered in Montezuma and many are sea-side cafes. You can find Italian, Mediterranean, State-side, Thai, BBQ and of course local dishes...usually caught just outside Montezuma. Montezuma's largest attraction, however, is the waterfalls. Tourists and locals, alike, travel many miles to sit beneath these magnificent waterfalls. Located just a couple of blocks from the center of town, these falls are easy to get to and well worth the film footage. There are several hotels in Montezuma and plenty of things to do. The Costa Rican Standard is available; Horseback riding, sun worshipping, hiking, ATV rentals, swimming, surfing (although a rocky reef keeps most amateurs from the surf), animal watching and lounging.
Hotel Zullimar poolside.
Montezuma is nearly imbedded in the mountain side any distance walked away from the beach is bound to give great photo opportunities for the casual photographers and professional ones as well. Also, if you're searching the country over for a great Zip Line Canopy Tour, look no further than Montezuma. The zip line here is fantastic and is one of the only zip lines that allow you to take a break and swim in the waterfalls!


Museo de los Niños - Old penitenciary.
Cabuya is probably one of the most quaint villages in Nicoya. Sitting along the coast, just moments away from Montezuma, Cabuya hosts the Cabo Blanco National Park Reserve. Being the home to the national park has long since been the main attraction of Cabuya but lately, with the new road improvements allowing you to travel easily to Mal Pais, Cabuya is seeing a new breath of tourism. Cabuya is really the missing link to the southern tip. Surrounded by breath-taking beauty, Cabuya is now being heavily sought after as the relaxed paradise for which Costa Rica was original known. There are a few hotels and restaurants in Cabuya but most of your needs will still be found in either Mal Pais/Santa Teresa or Montezuma. Still located 20 minutes from Cobano, Cabuya may have a lot to offer in the future as the next premiere resort town.

Mal Pais

National Theater Rooftop.
Mal Pais, meaning "Bad Country" is synonymous with surfing in Costa Rica. The famous break of Mal Pais has been sought after for years and now experienced yearly by the droves of surfers looking for the perfect wave. Mal Pais hosts some of the most amazing coastline view in Costa Rica. Mal Pais really doesn't have a town center, per se but instead, has a long coastal road that is just sufficient enough to get you from one surf spot to the next. Mal Pais does have a Canopy Tour Zip Line available if you’re looking for an excuse to fly through the jungle above and the Costa Rican jungle there

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