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Tambor beach - Delfines
My friend really enjoyed Montezuma but he wasn't "Over-joyed" over the whole experience. He liked the ocean and he really liked the food and the art. I reassured him that it's okay to not love somewhere...Montezuma is a great place for me to visit once every couple of weeks. Some people like it so much they find that they can't leave it.

The next day we traveled the newly repaired and beautiful road through Cabuya. Cabuya is a remote little location in Nicoya that has only recently been opened to the exposure of the tourists because of the new road that takes you from Montezuma to Mal Pais along the coast. Before the new road, you had to trek back through Montezuma, Cobano and then head to Mal Pais that way. This new road allows you to take full advantage of the scenic route to Mal Pais. And believe me...it's scenic!

Jezus Tree - Tambor
While you're passing through Cabuya you'll notice a small island about a 100 yds from the coastline. This island is actually a cemetery. It's actually, really, really cool. During low tide, the sea takes a few steps back to reveal a sand bar that appears to form the perfect walkway to this little island. When funeral processions pass, they have to time it for the low tide. Then, once they've lowered you down, the people jump off the island and watch as the high tide comes in to seal the deal and provide your body some seclusion and privacy for about 12 hours or so. Then, inevitably, the tide will wash out again and, again, giving you the option of receiving visitors.

Once the car rose above the hills of Cabuya we descended into the valley which precedes Mal Pais. This is a great part of the road because it snakes along side a healthy creek and there is dense canopy overhead which serves as a great shade.

Cool fishing - Costa Rica
Mal Pais hosts one of the most beautiful coasts I've ever seen. It is truly remarkable. It will remind most of driving down highway 1 in California. There really isn't too much in Mal Pais. It's mostly just a surfer's paradise. There are a few little shops and hotels along the strip but most of the action tends to be in Santa Teresa. Santa Teresa is about 10 minutes from Mal Pais and is on the same road. It's kind of bizarre, those who emphatically stress the differences between Mal Pais and Santa Teresa. You can walk from Mal Pais to Santa Teresa and never know you'd left one and entered the next. Someone at the payphones (near the boundary line) may exclaim, "Bienvenido a Santa Teresa (Welcome to Santa Teresa)"! but I seriously doubt it.

Playing Golf - Costa Rica
Santa Teresa hosts one of the best places in Costa Rica to watch a sunset. Actually, it is one of the last places in Costa Rica to see the sunset! You ever see a picture on the web or a postcard where the sky looks like someone through a box of Crayolas on a hot skillet? That’s really what the sunsets look like in Santa Teresa. Only when I took my own pictures did I believe it. So, my friend and I enjoyed the sunset and he took enough pictures to please any small group of Japanese tourists. Another great thing about Santa Teresa is there is a fantastic, wood grille, gourmet pizza place right on the beach. You can sit there and have great pizza, watch the waves and with proper timing witness the sunset mentioned above.

Sun go down - Tambor Hills
With bellies full and our retinas burned out from staring into that glowing orange ball, we traveled east back to Tambor. Tambor is a great place if you really want to just fall off the face of the earth for a while and that’s exactly what we did. Climbing in and out of hammocks was almost an over-exertion but we managed.

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