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Horseback riding on the beach - Tambor
So, with that covered, I parked my car at the airport to pick up my friend and then we scooted off in one of the official Red Devil taxi cabs. As usual, the first question the taxi driver asks is where we're staying and regardless of where we answer (and usually without listening to where you've said anyway) he immediately suggests a nicer and less expensive hotel that would be more accommodating. Know that taxi drivers can receive some handsome commissions for taking you somewhere other than where you've planned. I suppose you can't blame them for trying to tweak your schedule a bit and make 4 times their cab fair.

Sunset -Tambor Hills
Showing my experience with this, I immediately answer that, no...in fact we do want to go to the hotel I suggested. The taxi driver swung his head around to look at us and asked, "Where are you staying again"? See...Not listening. So, I repeat the destination and the taxi takes an immediate right in response. Sometimes these taxi drivers get really, really creative and suggest that the hotel you want to go to is "Booked" or "Full". This can be an effective method and usually scares most tourists but if you take off your tourist hat and put on your hometown brain one more time, what are the odds that this taxi driver knows the occupancy of your hotel? This is especially common if you plan to stay in a hostel where reservations usually aren't accepted...All the taxis will insist that there are no vacancies where you want to go. I usually ask them to prove it or that I want to go there anyway...maybe I'm meeting other people there or something...

Palm tree sky - Costa Rica
Anyway, we arrive at the hotel, get unsettled and head out for a night on the town. There are nearly an unlimited number of clubs and restaurants that you can go. Depending on what you like, I'd suggest talking with the hotel staff and have them suggest some places. There are large club and village type environments that host a ton of events, music and food but just be a little on guard with your valuables and money. Where there are a lot of people there tend to be more incidents of petty thievery and such.

Beautiful fishing - Costa Rica
Being in a big city like San Jose is not why I moved to Costa Rica. I really enjoy the natural beauty of the country, so, with my suggestion, we planned an early escape the next day and headed to the city of Tambor (which is where I live). The Nicoya peninsula is really nice because it is a really laid back environment and it's absolutely beautiful. Having the advantage of living in Tambor, I live along the side of Bahia Ballena which is a beautiful bay on the Pacific but due to its shape, ends up being a very calm and tranquil body of water. What I like best about Nicoya (and Tambor) is that within 30 minutes I can visit 4 other cities that all host an abundance of activities that are all a little different and unique to one another.

Canopy tour - Arenal
So, using Tambor as a central spot (and really you could use any of the 4 cities as a hub) I created short day trips for my friend and I. One day we drove 20 minutes to the easy-going town of Montezuma where we visited the waterfalls. These waterfalls are a great retreat because you can park right near them. I'm all for hiking to see waterfalls but it's pretty neat when you can just drive up there, see the waterfalls and then have time to go see the rest of the town.  Montezuma is a nice, little hippie town known for its clinging youth and its good selection of restaurants. There are amazing restaurants in Montezuma and it really makes the whole trip worthwhile to check them out. How many times have you driven 20 minutes or so for dinner? Here it's the same thing but you're in another town. If you've ever felt the need to purchase some hand made wooden or leather jewelry, Montezuma may be a dangerous place for you. The streets are littered with home made stands exhibiting endless amounts of goods to hang on any part of your body that will allow it. I'm sure you could even muster enough courage into one of these hippies to make a hole for you to hang something on, too, if you were so inclined, but I'd rather find my adventures on the beach or in the restaurants. Remember, the nearest clinic is in Cobano (about 15 minutes away).

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