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Nice beach view - Isla Tortuga
There are certain things in your life that you can gaze upon, retrospectively, and deem them "Life-Changing" or merely "Life-Happening". I'd have to say that moving to Costa Rica last January was definitely one that I would characterize as "Life-Changing". Although I believe to itemize every detail of that experience would be ridiculous so I will sum up my favorite parts of Costa Rica that I think everyone, if life permits, should experience. Now considering this to be my home, I am often asked by friends, family and friends and family of friends and family as to what people should see or experience while visiting Costa Rica. What's the "Don't go home without seeing this..." list. And again, I'll reiterate the same claim with you as I do with them...You can't see all of Costa Rica in a couple of weeks. Just know that your first visit will ultimately lead you to your next visit and so on and so on...to the extreme that I have eventually relocated my entire life to Costa Rica. So, to express my opinion with no merit to do so, I advise that all week or two week travelers pick out 3 spots additionally to San Jose. I think it's really important to at least spend a few days in a location to really get a good feel as to what that location has to offer. Therefore, too, it is important to pick locations that are multi-sided locations. By "Multi-sided" I mean that there is more to do than just one default activity.
I enjoy having some options when I'm vacationing...of course, the most important option being that I have the choice to do nothing (which tends to be my most consistent winner, especially when vacationing).

Mounten view - Tambor Hills
So, in that, my dear friend from my last home (in St. Thomas, U.S.V.I) came to visit me for two weeks to see if I was really doing as well as I had claimed and to see what all of the Costa Rica hype was really about. My friend, coming from the Caribbean, expressed no real desire to visit the Caribbean side of Costa Rica this trip because he's lived, seen and experienced the Caribbean lifestyle for nearly 15 years. Instead, he was really interested in seeing the Pacific coast and, besides that, left every other decision in my hands.

Armed with this responsibility, I took charge of his allotted two weeks of medicinal freedom and planned his scarce and sacred time carefully, including all of the places that I found in Costa Rica that are, to me, more than mind-blowing. My friend arrived in San Jose and that's where our little Costa Rican adventure began.

Nice view from waterfall - Tano Mar
First, as a traveler to Costa Rica, I can pretty much assure you that you will need to spend at least two nights of your vacation in the city of San Jose. Most flights don't enter Costa Rica in enough time for you to painlessly plan an escape from the tentacles of San Jose and inevitably, you end up finding a hotel. It is very common for travelers to spend their first night in downtown San Jose to catch a bus the next day and to stay outside of San Juan (usually in Alejuela) near the airport for a convenient and fast get-a-way.

Beautiful beach view - Tambor
One of the first thing First-timers realize about San Jose is that it's a full blown city, fully equipped with tall buildings, traffic, smog and a ton of people. Little red taxi cabs dance, bounce, scurry and buzz through traffic at an incredibly talented, yet relentlessly crazy and inhibited pace. It is because San Jose has few road signs, many unmarked one way avenues, no respected speed limits and drivers with no real sense of space that I choose to let someone else do the driving in and around San Jose.

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