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The first McDonalds to arrive in Costa Rica.
Now begins the weekend. For Friday and Saturday nights, every little town or province will have its hot spots but some are more popular than others. In Mal Pais, you can visit Mar Azul. This is an incredible location for a party and they do it better than anyone in Mal Pais. Mar Azul is right on the beach and is huge! They have the tarp-covered sandy dance floor. They usually sport at least 2 bonfires on opposite ends of the beach. They have a pool table in the adjacent bar. There are plenty of table and chairs for large groups or singles. They have plenty of bathroom facilities to accommodate the masses, too. There is, also, a second bar on the beach so you don't have to fight the crowd at the main bar.

Coffee - Ready for harvest.
The thing that I think is really cool about Mar Azul is that they have a Northern European Circus in town every Friday night! You will see fire juggling, hula hoop dancing, trapeze artists swinging from the trees, costumes, paint, exotic dancing and acrobats. With the waves crashing nearby and the fire dancers in the distance and the music oozing with the rhythm of the tropics, it's no question that the ambience they've created is damn-near perfect. Check out Mar Azul on Friday nights. You'll be talking about it for quite some time.

Banana - The rarer red banana.
For Saturday night, you have an interesting series of parties that occurs in Cobano at Las Piscinas and the Disco at Los Delfines. Los Delfines is a private community just 5 minutes East of Tambor. However, the restaurant, bar and Disco are open to the public. The routine here seems to be to hit the Disco in Cobano around 10 pm and then drive to the Disco at Los Delfines at about 12:30 in the morning. The Disco at Los Delfines has its 24 Hr. liquor license and they aren't afraid to use it! Their parties have been known to go until 5 and 6 in the morning! If you can follow suit and keep up, you'll probably have a lot of stories to tell your friends and possibly some stories you'd rather keep a secret! Good luck at Los Delfines... Hopefully you'll catch one of their "Themed" parties like, "Lingerie and Intimate Apparel" night. Those have been known to get a little out of hand!

Taller Maroto, motorcycle repairs.
If you're on the other side of the peninsula and don't want to make the drive to Tambor, head down to Santa Teresa to. This is probably the most consistent night club in the Santa Teresa/Mal Pais area. They have been hosting "Salsa" night on Saturdays since they put Santa Teresa on the map. They are the kings of Saturday night and, if you go there, you will see why. You'll see the hottest dances performed by the hottest locals. The whole place erupts into a Spanish MTV video. It's hot, it's sweaty and it easily fulfills any stereotype of what a hot, Latin nightclub should be... If you've got a few moves, this is the place to show them off! Or, if you just like to be apart of it all, there is plenty of room for you and the Margarita’s are great!

And now it's finally Sunday! Pheeew! Most Sundays are made to just relax. Head to the beach and recharge the batteries. If you're just getting home from Delfines at 6 in the morning, you probably won't even see much of Sunday. No matter, just get plenty of rest because tomorrow is "Reggae" night at Tabu in Santa Teresa... You've gotta be ready for that!

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