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Something out of Jurasic Park.
On Wednesdays you have a couple of options. The most popular spot to catch tourists will definitely be at "The Surf Camp" in Mal Pais. This, too, is an open-aired venue with a large bar and plenty of seats. Wednesday night is "Open-Mic" night for anyone who knows how to play any sort of instrument. The bar provides the guitars, basses, drums and sound equipment while the audience provides the musicians, vocalists, cheers and hand claps. There are a few regulars on Wednesday nights that usually hold a jam session until audience participation picks up.

Parque Central - San Jose.
It's really cool to see the local talent come outta the wood work and jam a bit. Again, it's probably no coincidence that audience participation usually occurs towards the middle and end of the evening after a half dozen Imperials have been consumed. This party is sure to go until all hours of the morning. For those who don't enjoy the loud assembly of a make-shift band, The Surf Camp is a very large bar offering seating and roaming space away from the musical action of the main bar. There is an "Annex" bar situated towards the back which offers cold beers and incredible, grilled chicken, which tends to be a fantastic, cheap and delicious snack for the semi-inebriated. Did I mention the Mechanical Bull? Well, as far as I know, The Surf Camp has the only Mechanical Bull on the southern peninsula. It comes complete with a padded arena and plenty of spectators. Don't be afraid to step on up to the challenge! When you have your friends or loved ones on the Bull, those are the pictures that last forever!

El Castillo on the road to Barva.
If you're not into traveling to Mal Pais and want to check out some local action, head to Paquera for the Karaoke Night! Paquera is a small "Pueblo" of hard-working Costa Ricans who enjoy putting on their best garb and heading out for a night of dancing and singing. You'll find that the price of drinks in Paquera will be less expensive than other, more tourist's, locations and the atmosphere is very friendly. You'll also hear some local talent give singing a shot. You'll find that the local crowds are much less reserved in their participation! Get ready for the dancing, the whooping and the hollering!

A Morphous Butterfly.
On Thursday, you need to head to Tambor for their biggest night of dancing. Situated on the beach of Bahia Ballena is the large "Warehouse" structure called, "Bailar" (or to dance). This, too, is a local event but it should be experienced by everyone. Several folks from Cobano will stop on by, too. The Bailar has enough speakers that you'll have no problems finding the place. In fact, the first time I ventured to the Bailar, I simply drove towards the beat. There are few table in the Bailar but it's one of the largest forums for dancing that you're gonna find in Nicoya.

A roadside beggar.
You'll hear all of the latest Latin music and probably some of the older stuff as well. If you enjoy watching couples dance, you're going to love the Bailar. It will appear as if most locals consider Thursday nights to be a dance competition. The best of the best will show but don't be afraid to try a few of the local moves... there is plenty of room and plenty of help, if you ask for it.
Also, in Montezuma they have an "Electronic Music" expose at the Luz de Mono. Here they feature electronic dance music creating a "Groove" lounge type feel. Luz de Mono is another open-aired venue with a lot of foliage. It is shaped like a huge gazebo! The D.J. is always within arms reach for any requests!

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