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Car parts and dry cleaning.
Although most people would characterize the Southern Nicoya Peninsula as being very tranquil and slow... there is an abundance of nightlife in nearly every little town around the peninsula. Montezuma is the only town that boasts a full fledged "Movie Theater" on the peninsula and there is no such thing as a "Mall" (although the hardware store in Cobano does sell just about everything). So, what do most people do in the night time? Well... they dance!
Dependent upon which town you're visiting, it won't take you long to find out what's going on every night of the week. And, with the exception of Sunday, there is usually something going on every night. You may drive 15 to 20 minutes to discover "la fiesta", but I think you'll like it. What defines a "Fiesta"? Well, most of the time you'll find a large open-aired environment sporting music (possible live on the weekends), drinking and a lot of dancing.

Just a chip shot across the lake.
It seems that nearly everybody here knows how to do hot and sexy Latin dancing. You'll see couples dance non-stop ALL NIGHT LONG. You'll see twirls, spins, jumps and shimmies. You'll find that most of the dancing is "Partner" dancing and it can prove to be a very good time. Don't be afraid to get out there and do your thing. Remember there is a bar present... they're good to help with the "Limbering" and "Courage" departments. I've seen some tourists from the north sporting entire protective "Dancing Kevlar" which is everything from a back and knee brace to non-skid shoes and a hat with a built in metronome.

Personally, I'm centrally located in Tambor. From Tambor, I know where everyone is going to be, every night of the week on the southern peninsula. Tambor is one of the smaller metropolises and we're centrally located,so we, citizens of Tambor, are forced to journey a bit to find the nightlife. From Tambor, the basic "Nightlife Breakdown" is as follows:

Horseshoe Casino opposite the Hotel Del Rey.
On Mondays it would be best to head all the way down to Santa Teresa and check out Tabu bar and nightclub. This is an open-aired bar situated smack dab on the beach. You'll find a strong mix of locals as well as tourists from around the globe. Monday Tabu is famous for their "Reggae" night! Things usually don't get started until around 10 pm but the party is sure to be there and it will continue until the early morning. Be prepared for a great sound system, cheap drinks and a bonfire to sit, dance and gather around.

Orchideae - Wild looking white orchids.
On Tuesday we're back in Mal Pais for the "Movie Night" at The Place. The Place is a beautiful bar within a 5 minute walk to the magical beaches of Mal Pais. They have wonderful food and a comfortable seating area for movie time. They don’t serve popcorn but the bar is definitely open for business. Relax after a nice meal and a few cocktails and watch as the movie screen stretches itself across the pool and the lights dim for the movie. They typically play front running movies and it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to see a "Relatively" new movie here on the peninsula. Cost is 2,000 Colones or $4.

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