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Right of Possession

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Most property in Costa Rica you find that is along the coast will have the "Right of Possession" but very few have the full blown Concession. Without the Concession, you can't construct anything. There are those who build without the Concession and those properties are in danger of having their buildings razed. And it most certainly happens. The government of Costa Rica has made it very clear that the system in place is the system to be enforced.

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In regards to development and building, the Costa Rica government also has in place certain environmental impact studies which control certain elements that are key to the eco-systems in different areas. Some of these restrictions would be in regards to water systems such as rivers, streams, ponds and lakes as well as protected trees, plants and groves. There is an abundance of "Green" zoning in Costa Rica and most investors look for parts of their property to be "Green" zones. Green zone restricts any and all building. Also, dependent upon the region, tampering with water ways or systems is also not allowed. Usually, you are not allowed to build, alter or construct within 15 meters (30 feet) of either side of a water system.

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When purchasing land in Costa Rica make sure you have a good realtor that you trust and a good Attorney that you can communicate with well. Property in Costa Rica is a very straight forward transaction with the exception to purchasing land on the coast or the beachfront. It is important that you know, understand and comply with all government laws and regulations. In every business there are professionals and there are amateurs. Century 21 of Costa Rica, now with the new information center in Escazu, lets you see, feel and work with the professionals. Write an email or call us. Let us show you why Century 21 is known as the most professional Real Estate Agency in Costa Rica.

Now with an office in San Jose, visit the Century 21 real estate information center in Escazu for any information you may need. The office is equipped with English, Spanish, German, and Dutch speaking personnel who are professionals in their trade. There is a lot of opportunity to purchase land in Costa Rica and you should feel confident and comfortable in your decisions. Call us or email with as many questions as you'd like...the answers are invaluable and they're absolutely free to you.

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